About Tekno Zeka

My name is Mark and my background is focused on the IT Industry for over 15 years specializing in identity and access management applications, web-based technologies and information security.

My blog is an extension of my persona, my ability to reach out to readers and share with them my thoughts on life, the world, as well as the products and services that I provide. The blog showcases the value of technology in our world today. This is definitely great information that is worth sharing with you. My main goal is to provide you with useful, insightful and resourceful information as often as possible.

Tekno Zeka is an insightful blog that showcases the latest in tech news, gaming, gadgets, and tech culture. I will provide you with new and exciting information on the importance of technological innovation and how it can connect you and educate you on the latest innovations.

Finally, I seek to provide my readers with high-quality, relevant news and up to date resources regarding the latest in the technology and gadget industry. I also always strive to maintain an accurate, advanced and authoritative voice for you.