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Great News: New Design of the Instagram Leaked

Instagram’s sketchy and preview-inspired material-designed Android application was leaked. Transition to Instagram’s New Design One of the world’s most user-own photo-sharing site and Facebook ‘s body, increases the popularity with the passing of Instagram technology recently, developments of new designs to the transition work and had been sharing issues of social media sites. How will it be a design? With the new design, Instagram will be based on a simple structure and will be the indispensable material for modern applications. In addition to the new icons, it is planned to make a beautiful design with soft lines and change...

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Huawei VR Comes to P9 Model Exclusively

Virtual reality technology, which is described as the technology of the future and many major technology giants are now competing on this field, is raising the competition between the giants of the mobile phone giants. Finally, Huawei has developed a virtual reality eyewear especially for the new model P9. When we looked at mobile devices, Samsung first stepped into this sector, and Huawei took the industry too long without delay. Introducing the new flagship Huawei P9 in the past days, this model is being prepared for a virtual reality look similar to Samsung Gear V, which the original Samsung...

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Introduction of Whatsapp’s New Features

After about 1 month of beta testing, Whatsapp with version v2.12.250 got updated with 5 new features in Android version 5. 1. Mark as Unread With this feature, you can mark messages as unread after you read them, but if you mark them as unread, the person who sends the message will get a blue tick. So it’s just that your message is used to make Whatsapp look thicker at your next login. Special Notices With this feature, you can customize notification settings such as private message and call voice, vibrate on / off, popup notifications and so on....

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Apple Announces the New Apple iOS 9

Apple has announced new features and some of the unexpected features.¬†While some Apple fans will challenge, it’s clear that Siri is not as successful as Google Now.With that in mind, Apple has added new features to Siri with iOS 9 to stay behind. If we do not give an example of these features, Siri can open it if we say, “Open the photos I took in Istanbul in May 2015” or you can organize yourself according to your habits and automatically open your music while you drive. Improved Spotlight Previously there was news that Apple’s spider (Apple bot) was...

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How to Select a Reliable Mobile Network Provider

Today, there are different opinions about mobile operator selection. In this post, we will make it easier for you to choose the best mobile operator for you. 1- Connection Status (“Withdrawal”): First of all you need to find out which mobile operators are able to offer connections in general and where you visit frequently, and which one offers the best quality of connectivity in general. If you live in big cities and do not visit places where there are small settlements, this may not be very important to you, most likely all operators are able to connect at your...

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