10 Incredible Tires That Will Blow Your Mind

With the rapid advancements in science and technology, 2021 may have been the year you expected to see flying cars hovering around. While we are pretty close to such a future, that doesn’t mean traditional automotive vehicles are going anywhere. The wheel is one of the oldest recorded inventions of humanity, and it’s here to stay. In fact, in recent years, car companies have been coming up with unique and innovative designs for tires that satisfy our growing needs. Can you imagine tires built using ice? Or tires that can transform their shape according to the terrain?. It sounds pretty futuristic, and we’re here to blow your mind.

Let’s check out these ten great tires that would redefine everything you thought you knew about them!

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10. Shape-shifting wheels by DARPA – https://bit.ly/3yPuASu
9. Lexus NX Ice Wheels – https://bit.ly/3fAzv2h
8. Mecanum Wheels – https://bit.ly/2R9c6LW
7. Mythbusters’ Square Wheels – https://bit.ly/3c4qVGX
6. Goodyear’s Illuminated Tires from the 50s – https://bit.ly/2TyNL37
5. Liddiard Wheels – https://bit.ly/34uEVFA
4. Goodyear’s Eagle 360 Urban – https://cnet.co/3fxHfCa
3. Hexonic – https://bit.ly/2R5YvF4
2. Shape Memory Alloy Tires/Superelastic Tires – https://bit.ly/2SJnAWZ
1. Honeycomb Airless Tires – https://bit.ly/3i4ktU0

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