10 MINI TOOLS Every Man Will Appreciate

If you ask 10 people what tools are necessary for properly equipping a toolbox, chances are you’ll get 10 different lists with some overlap and some choices that will definitely spark some heated debate. Since efficiency is the name of the game these days, your tools need to offer the best they can by taking up as little space as possible. Whether it’s a credit card-styled knife, a zipper set that stores the smallest tools, or a small, pen-like tool that could actually be a superhero’s gadget, we’re counting down 10 MINI TOOLS that Every Man Will Appreciate. Let’s get started with the video!

10. Amazon Basics 15-in-1 Multi-Tool Pocket Knife – https://geni.us/JDCP
9. Schrade SCPT1 EDC Keychain – https://geni.us/pi4BTN2
8. Credit Card Tool Set Card Knife – https://geni.us/yoPaY
7. MRF Extreme 3.0 Titanium Credit Card Mini tool – https://geni.us/oZqn
6. Grim Zipper Pulls – https://bit.ly/3uBdxRB
5. Geekey – https://geni.us/yBY5Fpp
4. TACTICA M250 Hex Drive Toolkit – https://geni.us/XePY
3. Schrade SCPT 2 EDC Multi-Tool Personal Emergency Rescue – https://geni.us/Y9TL
2. SOG Baton Q1 – https://geni.us/T8wcn
1. Ti EDC Wrench – https://geni.us/soF0FUs

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