10 Most Incredible Machines In The World

Ever since we humans have gotten mechanized we’ve been on a roll. We keep coming up with bigger and better machines to do the tough work for us. Our engineers seem to take up the challenge and leave us in awe every time. You’ve probably seen nifty gadgets that are made for everyday use and they’re cool and all, but in this video, we’re more interested in the big stuff. In terms of energy,

We’re slowly moving on from coal and oil to more renewable stuff that’s better for the environment and scientists have come up with some pretty impressive solutions to the renewable energy problem. We also seem to like to destroy stuff and there’s something deeply satisfying about watching a worn old building being torn down and we’ve built some amazing stuff for that. But what’s also deeply satisfying is the progression of the human race and we’ve got that covered by an incredible machine too that will leave you stunned

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10. Sk 3500 Skyscraper Destroyer
9. Segmental Bridge Launching Machine
8. Wave Electricity Generator
7. Big Bertha
6. Vortex Turbine
5. Bladeless Wind Turbines
4. Aqua Cutter
3. Aircraft Washing System
2. Wärtsilä-Sulzer Rta96-C
1. Large Hadron Collider

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