10 Most Ridiculous Car Modifications Ever

Humans are fascinating! Were responsible for all of the greatest discoveries ever made and we’ve achieved more as mankind than anyone could even begin to fathom. That being said, while there’s no limit to human ingenuity, the levels of human stupidity also know no
bounds. Specifically, when talking about all the laughably ridiculous spectacles we see in the world of cars.

Today we’re counting down the 10 Most Ridiculous Car Modifications Ever.

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10. Car Boat
9. Pool Table Car
8. BMW Hot Tub
7. Watermelon car
6. Furry FIAT
5. Pikachu Lamborghini Aventador
4. De-cat Exhausts
3. Fuel Additives
2. The Six Wheel "Transformers Reject" Truck
1. Ford Focus Mud Bogging Tractor

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