10 Newest Police Inventions You Must See

As all sectors of technology evolve, people continue to evolve with them. However, some sectors like law and order only recently started to adapt to the technological sphere. The tech industry has finally made its way into providing for the law enforcement agencies too, which is why today, we’re counting down the 10 Newest Police Inventions that You Must See! Let’s get started with the video.

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10. Bozena Riot System – https://bit.ly/3wefzHy
9. Batlskin Viper Helmet – https://bit.ly/3qP4aNg
8. Nimbo Security Robot – https://bit.ly/3qQqYfn
7. Third Arm – https://bit.ly/3Awz2qh
6. CrookHook – https://bit.ly/3ytABnc
5. Lightweight Torpedo – https://bit.ly/3jMR7uo
4. Skywall 100 – https://bit.ly/3hhQjvC
3. Net Gun – https://bit.ly/2SQwSRp
2. Robattle – https://bit.ly/3hg4txw
1. BolaWrap 100 Lasso Gun – https://bit.ly/3Apt8Hk

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