11 CAR Gadgets That Are Next Level

Modern cars need modern gadgets to make them smarter, but which ones are worth your money? There are so many products out there that it’s easy to get confused and frustrated. We’re here to help you out! From gadgets that purify the air inside your car to those that can be an absolute life-saver in times of an emergency, we have rounded up a list of devices every car needs. You’re going to love each one of them, so make sure you stick around till #1 to find out. Let’s get into it!

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11. Fortem Tire Inflator – https://geni.us/ZAnLyZ
10. Philips Car Air Purifier – https://geni.us/n57y5M
9. Slotpack – https://geni.us/zGkwy2
8. Hudly – https://geni.us/nsw7
7. GOFAR (Mileage Tracker) – https://geni.us/hGnAvC
6. Roidmi 2s – https://geni.us/sCj9EKx
5. Voyo – https://geni.us/eoAQN0n
4. Drivebot – https://geni.us/95A8s0
3. CarAIDE – https://geni.us/tmLL
2. Roav Viva Pro – https://geni.us/FfKonC
1. Lexus Dash Camera – https://geni.us/UeiM

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Handy Tips for Windows 8.1 Upgrade

The latest version of Windows is out and every technology user is ready to install or upgrade to it. The Windows 8.1 sure is something that everyone has been on a look out for due to its features and tweaks that it brings to the table. This latest version is optimized for the mobile technology that comes handy for Surface tablet. However, it is something to look forward to especially for those who are always on a look out for additional features and tweaks that will improve their experience with Microsoft OS. If you are the one who wants a smooth transition to this latest version then all you need to do is know what exactly to do. Given here are some handy tips for upgrading to Windows 8.1.

Information Technology and Personal Privacy

It is clear that IT has radically affected our ability to control access to information about ourselves and thus presents serious privacy problems. Before the computer, when transactions and records were on paper, there was quite limited access even to public information about ourselves. To find information someone had to go to where it was located, find it in the file, and copy it down.

How an IOS 7 User Can Preserve Privacy

iOS 7 is the latest version of OS by Apple that is fast catching up with iPhone users. you might have already done the data backup, then installed the latest OS version and restored your data. After taking these steps you think that you should immediately get started upon using the latest version. It does seem fascinating to download and install the latest version but the most essential thing that comes to the mind is security. Even though there are various mean through with Apple has ensured the safety of users but you still need to keep in mind your privacy settings. It is important to know at this point that the privacy settings are disabled by default. Therefore, before you launch your iTunes Radio you need to enable some simple privacy settings for your own safety.

Tweak Your Windows and Make It Faster

Optimizing overall performance of your PC is definitely an important reality. The version of Windows today proves to have a better performance, which may relate the memory usage of other applications. For Windows monitoring as well as trouble shooting, Windows offers well-known tools like Task Manager, Resource Monitor, and MSConfig

Colleges and Universities Should Provide Digital Diplomas That Evolve

The author suggests that colleges and universities offer digital diplomas that have the capability to evolve over time. These diplomas will have the capability of storing the life histories of graduates. Graduates will also be able to continue to add information to their diplomas.

Mobile Changed Our Life – For Better Or For Worse?

How have modern mobile devices affected your work and leisure? How have they changed the way you feel and behave? It’s no doubt that you no longer have to carry multiple gadgets but basically two: a smartphone and a tablet.

Choosing Desktop Wallpapers: Simple Recommendations

It is a fact that desktop wallpapers make computer screens more interesting and attractive. All computer devices (computers, laptops, tablets, netbooks and smartphones) come with a standard set of wallpapers. While some users are satisfied with the standard ones, others are looking for something unique, something that expresses their personality, way of life or hobbies.

How to Organize a Google Contact List

So, now you already have your Gmail sorted out with all the labels and relevant folders. You have already used the filters for creating a neat look. Still there seems to be something missing, it seems that your Contacts are still not organized and it is a total mess. Well, if only you knew the trick to sort out your Gmail contacts then it would not bother you anymore. Given here are tricks that will help you.

How to Ensure Online Safety for Your Kid

The Internet is a place where every information is easy to access. Any website or a link posted might lead to inappropriate content. The most exposed are kids who are hooked on to internet and are thus vulnerable to many online threats. Bullying, illegal downloading of content, hacking, predatory adults and inappropriate content are some of the common threats. If they are left unsupervised, they are exposed to all the online threats. It is advisable to childproof your system or internet to keep your kids safe. Given here are some essential steps that you can take to ensure online privacy.

HP Pavilion 500-200t Guide – A Popular PC That Offers Multimedia Tools, Customization, and More

The most sought after desktops these days are ones that offer versatility and expandability. One that offers both of these is the HP Pavilion 500-200t. It offers everything from multi-core processor power to advanced audio technology. Whether you want to use it for the home or office, it comes with both wireless and built-in wired networking.

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