11 COOLEST Summer Gadgets You’ll Love

There are a hundred and four days of summer vacation and we want to make sure you enjoy every single one of them! It’s no doubt that our gadgets are becoming smarter each day, whether it’s with artificial intelligence or just simple portability. Even your regular swing has an upgrade now, you can attach it to anything! But if you don’t want to swing in the air, maybe you could go diving with the underwater sea scooter. Or you could just chill in the pool with a motorized floaty that moves on your command.

Here are 11 COOLEST Summer Gadgets You’ll Love!

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Remote-Controlled Butler – https://geni.us/GsKv
Underwater Sea scooter – https://geni.us/FDY6
Sand-repellent blanket – https://geni.us/r01VUs9
Swivel Tree Swing – https://geni.us/6M5a
Aquatic Fitness Mat – https://geni.us/weNiR
ColdSnap Frozen Treat Machine – https://bit.ly/3sSOTKy
Luminoodle – https://geni.us/ENACBX6
Full Face Snorkeling Mask – https://geni.us/q170q
Anywhere Swing – https://bit.ly/2PsrTok
Motorized Floaty – https://bit.ly/3vkiLRP
Selfie Drone – https://bit.ly/3gFgEnp

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