11 Crazy Tesla Inventions You’ve Never Heard Of

Whatever opinion you have of him, you just can’t ignore Elon Musk! Given the extraordinary innovations the entrepreneur has come up with, some would argue that he might just be the 21st century’s Thomas Edison. And while most of you probably associate him with electric cars, you’d be surprised to learn about all the other cool stuff in different domains Tesla has come up with over the years. Whether it’s bringing the concept of hyperloop to life or providing green solutions to the ongoing energy crisis, Musk has done it all. Here are some crazy Tesla inventions worth checking out — let’s get right into it!

11. The Gigafactory
10 Hyperloop
9. SpaceX, Falcon 9 rocket
8. Solar Roof
7. Tesla Restaurants
6. Supercharger Stations
5. Robotic Snake Charger
4. RoboTaxi Network
3. Roadster
2. Powerwall
1. The Bobcat Project

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