12 COOLEST Gadgets for Your Room

Transforming your room with technology can be a daunting task there are so many options available, and you just can’t decide which devices suit your needs best! We’ve made your life easier by picking out some of the most unique and functional items that would give you yet another reason to hang out happily in your room. There are gadgets out there that allow you to exercise while working and ones that give life to your potted plants. You’re going to love them all, so stick around to find out. Let’s go.

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12. FlexiSpot Exercise Bike – https://geni.us/nb1vb7
11. 3Dsimo Multipro – https://bit.ly/3vmUlqV
10. Dyson Hot + Cool – https://geni.us/jwohi
9. GoDuo Magnetic Speakers – https://geni.us/95lJP
8. Socketbar – https://bit.ly/3etbTuE
7. Echo Spot – https://geni.us/y66N
6. Novation Launchpad X – https://geni.us/SCSqMWi
5. Fingerbot – https://geni.us/vZUgIz3
4. Paper Tablet (reMarkable 2) – https://geni.us/VVbE
3. Lua Plant Pot – https://bit.ly/3vkf8vc
2. Wanjiaone LED Lamp – https://geni.us/fxDhc
1. Cooper Mega Table – https://geni.us/Z7SFG

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