12 Craziest Metal Forming Machines You’ll Ever See!

Whether it’s the utensils in your kitchen, or your windows or even the coffee table. Glass is everywhere and it’s made of the most mundane ingredient ever, sand. However, what’s important is what humans make out of glass! It could be a hyper-realistic portrait, or sometimes even a gigantic show! Using glass as a medium of art can bring about surprises that will make you drop your jaw.So here are 15 Genius Glass Works That Will Blow Your Mind!-Heel -Heel .

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15. Stained glass portrait
14. Knitted glass
13. Sliding house
12. Shattered glass portraits
11. Transparent Bathrooms
10. Amazon spheres
9. Glass lion
8. Glass music
7. Glass Armonica
6. Invisible bike
5. Prince Rupert’s drops
4. Prismatic glass art
3. Dale Chihuly Glass blowing art
2. Glass car
1. High-Heel Wedding church

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The Pros and Cons of Repairing an Old Computer

When your computer starts to break down, it can be difficult to decide between fixing your computer or getting a new one. In order to find the option that works best for you, here are some of the pros and cons of repairing or purchasing a computer.

How to Become Computer Literate

For people who have been conducting business through more old-fashioned means, computers and technology can be intimidating. Putting your personal information into an online and sometimes insecure network can be a confusing concept. However, for those who have even a basic computer literacy, it can make life and business that much easier.

Apps for Android Users

Using an Android based Smartphone gives you many options to download apps. Often with numerous apps in the market a user is confused as to which one is more suitable and which is more beneficial. Downloading too many apps just for the sake may lead to clutter and even data constrain after a while. Files that sit idle on your device create clutter and unnecessary load on the performance of your phone. Therefore, it is advisable to download apps that are complimentary to your phone. Let us find out few smart apps that you can download on your Android.

Will eReaders Replace Books?

If you are not sure about getting an eReader (digital eBook reader), let me reassure you – I’ve been there myself. Not only was I hesitant about giving up on the good old paper books, but I was also hesitant about the need for a dedicated digital eReader rather than simply using my smartphone or iPad for that. But what I have found during the last months is that my Kindle Touch has improved my life in a way I couldn’t have anticipated until I owned one.

Computer Repair Is Important for Any Business or Individual

Computers are a vital necessity in the world we live in today, and if your PC isn’t operating properly – computer repair may be the answer you’ve been looking for. For many, when the computer starts to run slow, the monitor turns blue or black, or you can’t get your computer to turn on – or turn off, they take this as a sign that they may need a new PC. This is not always the correct answer, and in fact there are many people that have given away excellent computers that may have only needed a little TLC.

Fun Learning With iPad Apps

The iPad has made learning more fun for kids through educational games apps. It’s no wonder some parents don’t hesitate in shelling out cash for iPad purchases.

Get IT Help From Other Companies

Companies working with large amounts of technology need personnel who can keep track of problems and know how to fix issues at a moments notice. IT does that very job and does it with expertise and precision.

The Things You Need To Know in Cleaning Your Smartphones

While making use of your Smartphone, do you have the habit of washing your hands first or at least wiping your hands with a cloth and a little amount of rubbing alcohol? I’m asking this because your hands may have been exposed to dust or some finger-food. If you don’t, then you must know what best cleaning products you must have ready in cleaning your Smartphones. Cleaning your Smartphone, seriously? Yes, that’s right. We all have to clean our phones.

Personal Computer Extended Warranties – Are They Worth It?

With retail stores always offering extended warranties for personal computers, it is sometimes hard to know what is the best thing to do, buy the extended warranty or pass? That subject as well as discussing what is involved with the different types of warranties will give you the knowledge and understanding for making good buying decisions with your hard earned money.

Cloud Computing Technology

As the scuffles between PC vs. Mac and IE vs. Firefox is raging on, there is another battle being carried on that is somewhat unobserved. It is legacy computing vs. Cloud computing. If you are ignorant of these terms, here is an overview.

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