12 DIY Projects That WIll Amaze You!

Doing it yourself is sometimes better than buying products from the market, and some people take DIYs to the next level. In this video, we’ll be going through some of the most creative and interesting DIY projects that people have built right inside their homes! Some of these projects will seem impossible, such as the MAGIC KIMGUNI Hoverboard, which is a homemade hoverboard that actually flies, the Enigma 3.6 Micro Cruiser that someone built in their yard, and NOVA, the homemade Artificial Intelligence Robot, you don’t wanna miss any of this. Here are the 12 DIY projects that will amaze you! Before we begin, don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel for more videos like this!

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12. Colin Furze Hoverbike-https://bit.ly/3DuBEWk
11. Homemade mk3 Airplane Not Available
10. Magneto Shoes-https://bit.ly/3mHtXW5
9. Real Life Dr. Octopus Suit –https://bit.ly/3Avokit
8. MAGIC KIMGUNI Hoverboard-https://bit.ly/3DwkQ15
7. R Tech Tree Climber –https://bit.ly/2X3Wk7X
6. The Tall Twin Bike –https://bit.ly/3arJ6VR
5. Chainlink Extreme 4×4 –https://bit.ly/2YD9xFL
4. Enigma 3.6 Micro Cruiser –https://bit.ly/3AzFcor
3. The Walking Beast –https://bit.ly/3oO1nF8
2. Big Dog Spot Robot –https://bit.ly/3DvHTZP
1. NOVA Artificial Intelligence Robot- https://bit.ly/3DwVL6m

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