12 EXTREME Machines You Need To See In Action

As the world progresses, more tunnels, skyscrapers, and buildings are being built every day. Our engineers are also coming up with insane models of machines to help construction, and, in the car shredder’s case, destruction. Some machines were named after their mayors, like Big Bertha. While others were given the title of the most powerful mega earthmover, such as the Letourneau L-2350!

Here are the 12 EXTREME Machines You Need to See in Action!

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12. Underground Hydraulic Forge
11. Continuous Rock Miner
10. The Car Shredder
9. Big Bertha
8. Straddle Carrier
7. Liebherr Ltm 1200 Crane
6. Super Bulldozer
5. Mega Earthmover: Letourneau L-2350
4. Giant Bucket-Wheel Excavator
3. Arborco Tree Transplantation
2. Ship Launcher
1. Krone Swadro

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