12 Food Factory Machines That Are On Another Level

Let’s face it, we’ve all been obsessed with Pringles at some point in our lives. Maybe even looked up Food factory videos of its production because of how fascinating it was, and it’s true. Nothing tops mass production the way food processing does. From this mass-producing pretzel machine that gives you a taste of home, to this super cool Pizza making a robot that has won over Twitter, to this industrial pasta line that’ll take you to Italy; today we’re counting down 12 Food Factory Machines That Are On Another Level! Let’s get started with the video.

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12. Lyco Cooking and Pouch Cooling System – https://bit.ly/3mqXULD
11. Marel Fish Cake Processing Line – https://bit.ly/3mmYrOu
10. Fritsch Group Pretzel Maker – https://bit.ly/2XEQs4V
9. Sanovo Egg Processor – https://bit.ly/2W7lLoS
8. J4 Tunnel Ovens – https://www.j4.cz/en/
7. Unifiller CakeStation – https://bit.ly/383BZ4s
6. Pizza Making Robot – https://bit.ly/3kgORdv
5. Automatic Fries Making Line – https://bit.ly/383TaTM
4. Custard Cream Pie Line – https://bit.ly/2WbI4tr
3. SELO Food Processing Line – https://bit.ly/3j3mik1
2. Pama Roma Pasta Line – https://bit.ly/3y6wg8T
1. Foodmate Poultry Processor – https://bit.ly/3glv4YV

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