12 Genius DIY Inventions You Must See!

Stuck at home in quarantine and don’t know what to do with all that free time? Well, get ready to go back to school, whip out your science lab tools, and get those creative juices flowing. There’s a lot of amazing gadgets you can make on your own, all you need is everyday supplies and a ton of hot glue! Like this amazing mini hose that is perfect for watering your bonsai garden, this mini pellet shooter that’ll make you an expert marksman, or this mini vintage cannon that’ll help you spend quality time with your grandpa; today we’re counting down 12 Genius DIY Inventions You Must See! Let’s get started with the video.

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12. Walking Cardboard Robot
11. Compact Disc Spinning Top
10. Mini Electric Water Hose
9. Cardboard Robot Arm
8. Mini Chainsaw
7. Mini Basketball Court
6. Mini Pellet Shooter
5. Mini Crossbow
4. Mini Pressure Shooter
3. Mini Toy Tank
2. Mini Cannon
1. Mini Matchstick Rifle

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