12 Most Beautiful Luxury Villas On Earth

When you hear the word “Villa”, the first thing that comes to mind… is luxury. But not all villas are the same, there are some villas that are nice, while others are what you could classify as the most luxurious villas in the world! In this video, we’re going to be taking you around the world, showing you a glimpse of beautiful villas, some in the mountains , others with their own bay, and even one that’s in the middle of the jungle … by the time we’re done, you might start considering packing up your life, and moving into one of these amazing villas!

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12. Raffles Royal Residence
11. Villa Rica
10. Hollywood Mansion
9. Annandale’s Seascape
8. Villa Yarari Royale
7. Villa Sul Palazzo
6. Villa Sarbonne
5. Villa Mayavee
4. Signature Villa
3. Bensley Collection
2. Alfajiri Cliff Villa
1. Soaring Waters

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