12 Most Unusual Future Transportation Systems

The world is changing faster than ever before, and it’s all thanks to technology. One of the things the 2020s are looking to be known most about is the incredible strides that are being made in transportation in this decade, and potentially beyond. We are seeing everything from cars to trains being drastically changed and brand new transportation methods be invented. In the future, things are only going to get more unusual. From the Hyperloop to flying taxis to even an entire city based around transport in a single line, here are 12 Unusual Future Transportation Systems that will blow your mind.

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12. Fully Autonomous Cars
11. Earth-to-Earth Rocket Travel
10. Maglev Trains
9. Smart roads
8. Energy Observer Ship
7. Ultra Lightweight Electric Vehicles
6. Mercedes-Benz Future Bus
5. The Line, Saudi Arabia
4. Hyperloop
3. Volvo Vera truck
2. Flying Taxis (and cars)
1. Delivery Drones

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