12 Must Have Tactical Survival Gadgets

Surviving in the wilderness is not for the weak, but with the right equipment to help you along the way, it can turn out to be pretty fun too! But how do you know which ones are the right gadgets? We’re here to help you out. You need a supply of clean water just as much as you need breathable air at all times. And what if you lose your way and your loved ones won’t stop panicking? Well, there’s a device for that too! Here are the 12 must-have tactical survival gadgets every outdoor enthusiast needs to see. Let’s have a look!

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12. Personal Water Filter
11. Solar Air Lantern
10. Garmin inReach Explorer+
9. Surviveware First Aid Kit
8. MVB Backpack
7. Compact Folding Bow
6. Zippo Hand Warmer
5. MSR Pocket Rocket 2
4. Estream Portable Water Generator
3. Tact Bivvy
2. Gas Mask
1. SunJack Portable Solar Panel

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