12 New Inventions That Are On Another Level

Since the beginning of time, humans have been curious about everything and have been continuously working to make things easier, simpler, and overall better. But some inventions are so good that put us years ahead! Take the automatic heating jacket for example. And we can’t forget about the KEY-X keyboard which lets people with any sort of disability using a computer like any other person. Lastly, there’s a vehicle that brings us ever-so-close to our dream of flying cars, but you’ll have to watch till the end for that!

Here are 12 New Inventions That Are On Another Level!

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12. Flex warm Smart Jacket – https://bit.ly/3dSby4x
11. The Wearable Reading Light – https://geni.us/oZfCz
10. Solar Roadways – https://bit.ly/2PMTOiQ
9. Dolfi – Next Gen Washing Device – https://geni.us/koC1mDV
8. Cleansebot – https://geni.us/1bwn4AO
7. Key-X – https://geni.us/ZHXVpL
6. Cubinote – https://geni.us/Apvmwuc
5. Himirror Mini – https://geni.us/8hSvLlO
4. Zip Stitch – https://geni.us/6zjRDS
3. Ambassador Headphones Translators – https://bit.ly/3d2eHiV
2. Thread Robe – https://bit.ly/3d40IsO
1. Hover Surf – https://bit.ly/39SE04L

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