12 REAL Inventions Straight From The Future

When you think of the future, you imagine flying cars, personal assistant robots, and all accessibility at the tip of your fingers! And while we are pretty close to living such lives, there’s a lot more technology in-store that we often end up overlooking. Imagine being able to power your electronics using your own natural energy or your groceries showing up at your doorstep every month. Or how about cruising around your neighborhood around your very own, real-life hoverboard? Sounds exciting? We’ve put together a list of some of the most innovative advances in future technology with the power to change your life! Let’s get into it!

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12. Lexus Hoverboard – SLIDE – https://bit.ly/3xZULo4
11. Robomart –https://bit.ly/3kaFCLQ
10. JetBot 90 AI+ –https://bit.ly/3j73PU2
9. Robotic guide dogs –https://bit.ly/3z5ftUY
8. Vaonis Vespera smart telescope –https://bit.ly/3sAWcbh
7. Disinfection Robots –https://bit.ly/3AZ60yP
6. PlutoSquare –https://bit.ly/2WhlI9K
5. Cadillac’s Self-Driving Party Van – https://bit.ly/3j5kYgQ
4. GoSun Go – https://bit.ly/3D2CBWp
3. Rollable TV (LG Signature OLED R) – https://bit.ly/2XKgN1H
2. Bixi Gesture Control – https://bit.ly/3z5rjOI
1. Human-powered wearables – https://bit.ly/3y7tsIi

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