12 SMART Technologies That Will Blow You Away

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace today. Whether you look at a moisturizing shower foam that is built inside your shower head, a transparent, yet highly advanced breathing mask that protects you from COVID, or a bus that has LCD screens instead of walls, there’s no doubt that the future is here!

We’re counting down 12 SMART Technologies That Will Blow You Away. Let’s get started with
the video!

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12. Staubli Power Cobots – https://bit.ly/3ngPsNd
11. Mary Indoor Growing – https://bit.ly/2QeLo4d
10. Kinuami Bubble Shower – https://bit.ly/3eoonUe
9. Padrone – https://bit.ly/3nblpGw
8. LED Glove – https://geni.us/0WFrc
7. Smart Armor Cube – https://bit.ly/3axlpvx
6. Breeze – https://bit.ly/3tLmCHe
5. AquaSkipper – https://geni.us/Vf0S
4. Blync – https://bit.ly/2RLmedA
3. The Platypus – https://bit.ly/3gu2V2N
2. WILLIE – Transparent LCD Bus – https://bit.ly/3tB5zaN
1. The Terrafugia TF-X – https://bit.ly/3avqapg

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