12 Weird But GENIUS Military Weapons

When it comes to technology everyone knows you can't beat the military. But some of their weapons are weird alongside being deadly and they’re definitely something, everyone should see. From jumping into the air before detonating, to mini nuclear rockets. If you’re a fan of excellent technology that can blow the enemy to smithereens then you’re in the right place. We’re gonna show you 12 weird but genius military weapons. Let's get started!

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12. The S-Mine
11. British Anti-Tank Sticky Grenade
10. Goliath Tracked Mine
9. The Davy Crocket
8. Little David
7. Yokosuka MXY-7 OHKA
6. Fu-Go Balloon Bomb
5. Iron Curtain
4. Project Thor
3. Phasr
2. Smart Bullet
1. Dora Cannon

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