12 WEIRDEST Amazon Gadgets You Can Buy

It’s the age of innovation, and people want to create. This means that we get to see the craziest and weirdest gadgets be made and sold daily. Whether it’s a Ninja pump plastic bottle cap, a SuperBowl drinking helmet, or a set of straws that is fun and educational, We’re counting down the 12 WEIRDEST Amazon Gadgets You Can Buy.

Let’s get started with the video!

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12. Zoom Ball Hydro – https://geni.us/zcVy8
11. Fizz Ninja – https://geni.us/83Qds
10. Phlat Ball V3 – https://geni.us/n9wEwq
9. Unspillable Glass – https://geni.us/G28XS
8. The Magic Tap – https://geni.us/uDIa
7. Batman Multi-Tool – https://geni.us/YIi1hF0
6. Drinking Helmet – https://geni.us/2tzy5O
5. Captain America Shield –https://geni.us/nMipY
4. Minecraft Transforming Sword Pickaxe – https://geni.us/mtHnV
3. Construct a Straw – https://geni.us/UJ8w
2. Oreo Spoon Dipper – https://geni.us/faDZ
1. Rocket Fishing Rod – https://geni.us/A7VDoT

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