15 Creative Glass Works That Will Blow Your Mind

Whether it’s the utensils in your kitchen, or your windows, or even the coffee table. Glass is everywhere and it’s made of the most mundane ingredient ever, sand. However, what’s important is what humans make out of glass! It could be a hyper-realistic portrait, or sometimes even a gigantic show! Using glass as a medium of art can bring about surprises that will make you drop your jaw. So here are 15 Genius Glass Works That Will Blow Your Mind!-Heel -Heel.

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15. Stained glass portrait
14. Knitted glass
13. Sliding house
12. Shattered glass portraits
11. Transparent Bathrooms
10. Amazon spheres
9. Glass lion
8. Glass music
7. Glass Armonica
6. Invisible bike
5. Prince Rupert’s drops
4. Prismatic glass art
3. Dale Chihuly Glass blowing art
2. Glass car
1. High-Heel Wedding church

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