15 DIY Cars That Will Blow You Away!

Let’s be real, who hasn’t dreamed of driving around the city in the most amazing car humans can buy? Unfortunately, most of us just don’t have the luck or the wealth to fulfill this dream. Then there are some absolute legends who take matters into their own hands. Like this dude in China who made a Lamborghini out of straight up trash, this steel monster that brought the epic Megatrons to life, or a handmade car that’s so cool it became the Millennium Falcon! Today, we’re counting down 15 DIY Cars That Will Blow You Away. Let’s get started with the video!

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15. Homemade F1 Car – https://bit.ly/3sgJGOi
14. DIY Lambo – https://bit.ly/37GpCuZ
13. Rat Rod – https://bit.ly/3sdI73w
12. Megatron Tank Replica – https://engt.co/3jSh7md
11. Giovanni Metro – https://bit.ly/3fZ8Trg
10. 2000 Civic – https://bit.ly/3m08CYY
9. Eclipse Talon Laser – https://bit.ly/2VNrW0O
8. 4th Gen Camaro – https://bit.ly/2VJ813v
7. Russian Cyber Truck – https://bit.ly/3yEAYvs
6. Vaydor – https://bit.ly/3AEKvDn
5. Landspeeder – https://bit.ly/3xJbtrI
4. Ferrari P4 – https://bit.ly/3yLHgcJ
3. Eagle Speedster – https://bit.ly/2Xf7Lta
2. AMC Javelin AMX Defiant – https://bit.ly/3fZ8Wne
1. Uragano – https://bit.ly/3CUd2a6

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