15 Longest Vehicles You’ll Ever See

Mankind is the torchbearer of progress; creating the biggest and baddest vehicles which have been, or currently are being used for luxury or war purposes. From a Jet’s body getting turned into a limo, to Will Smith’s personal luxurious RV bringing a lot of fire, to a bike so big that even the Ghost Rider will want to ride it, we’re counting down 15 Insane Long Vehicles You’ll Ever See. Let’s get started with the video!

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15. Boeing 727 Jet Limo – https://cnet.co/3yrdBoo
14. Batmobile Limo – https://bit.ly/2V182zi
13. Pool Table Car – https://bit.ly/3kFAsaT
12. Prevost H3 – https://bit.ly/3h3saJ1
11. Newmar King – https://bit.ly/3mOxhQL
10. Element – https://bit.ly/2WuFEXa
9. Heat – NOT FOR SALE
8. PowerHouse Coach – https://bit.ly/3BqhImk
7. Caspian Sea Monster – https://bit.ly/3BmQKvY
6. Jobaria Cradle Launcher – https://bit.ly/3DwxwG0
5. M3 Amphibious Rig – https://bit.ly/3kzDsWi
4. AutoTram Extra Grand – https://bit.ly/3mKWbRe
3. Fabio Reggiani Bike – https://bit.ly/3sVRfdw
2. Dodge Power Wagon – https://bit.ly/2WtrcP7
1. American Dream – https://bit.ly/3gKdSNf

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