Apple has announced new features and some of the unexpected features.¬†While some Apple fans will challenge, it’s clear that Siri is not as successful as Google Now.With that in mind, Apple has added new features to Siri with iOS 9 to stay behind. If we do not give an example of these features, Siri can open it if we say, “Open the photos I took in Istanbul in May 2015” or you can organize yourself according to your habits and automatically open your music while you drive.

Improved Spotlight

Previously there was news that Apple’s spider (Apple bot) was visible. This feature was verified with the Apple bot. You can now use Spotlight like a search engine. For example, when you write a restaurant name, you can give it your address and it will direct you to the map when you click on it.


Tim Cook Keynote, Apple’s CEO and winner of the CEO of the year this year, is right about Apple Music, “Today we’re announcing the Apple Music, the next chapter in music,” “Today Apple Music, We are announcing the new step. ” Later, Jimmy Iovine introduced Apple’s highly anticipated new music offer.

Apple seems to want to rival Spotify with new music offer. You will be able to listen to all the music like Spotify for $ 9.99 per month after you have not tried the first 3 months free of charge according to this singleslife. You can also choose the family plan by paying $ 14.99 per single life. It also launched the Beats 1 Apple 7/24 radio. This radio will play Beats’ playlists made by people.

News Application

To be honest, this app is a Flipboard copy that looks good, with RSS feeds.

Trackpad for iPad

With this feature, when you put two fingers on the keyboard while typing on the iPad, the keyboard expands and features such as copy and paste are added as shortcuts on the keyboard.

Split iPad Screen

This feature is probably the most important enhancement that comes with iOS 9. This feature is long-lasting Samsung and some brands of Android devices, we know from the screen for different applications divided into two features. For example, with this feature you can chat with a friend while reading the news on the internet.

Public Transportation on the Map

Now you can see how and where you can reach public transportation from Apple’s map. This is a long-lasting feature provided by Microsoft and Google.

Note Application Development

You can now use rich text document properties when you use the note taking feature. For example, you can take advantage of features such as creating a list to be made while taking notes, adding pictures.

Low Power Mode

With this mode, you can get up to 3 hours of charge time.

Apple iOS 9 also announced that everyone will open beta in July, the full version in Autumn.