Today, there are different opinions about mobile operator selection. In this post, we will make it easier for you to choose the best mobile operator for you.

1- Connection Status (“Withdrawal”):
First of all you need to find out which mobile operators are able to offer connections in general and where you visit frequently, and which one offers the best quality of connectivity in general. If you live in big cities and do not visit places where there are small settlements, this may not be very important to you, most likely all operators are able to connect at your location, but if you are a frequent visitor to small settlements or small settlements, “You need to choose one of the operators.

You can learn which people in your location and places you visit frequently by asking which operator they are using, whether they are connecting, and the quality of the connection. If you do not have someone you can ask or I want to try it myself, you can try out a big card from 3 big operators. If you get a used number, there are even free prepaid operators.
2- According to Internet Speed:

Of course, internet speed is one of the features we pay attention to when choosing an operator today. Now we can make free calls when you are online via mobile applications, which means that operators can only provide internet services in the future. Mobile operators, unfortunately can not provide the same internet speed everywhere. The same operator provides 20mbps speed in one place and 3mbps elsewhere.
If you have received a prepaid card from each operator, you can learn the internet speed of each operator by connecting those prepaid cards to your smartphone or by downloading a mobile application to your residents and asking them to send you the result.

You can do the speed test with Speedtest mobile application by

To download the Speedtest app:

App Store

Google Play

Windows Phone

According to your eligible price:
Before choosing a package, you must allocate mobile communication and set the budget. After determining this budget, you need to determine the right speech, internet and message you need. It is easy to determine the right speech and message you need, but determining the internet quota you need is a bit more difficult than determining them. In order to determine the Internet quota you need, you first need to determine what you will use the internet for and how often you will use it. Nevertheless, internet usage does not always go as planned. You can get about one packet from any operator a month to determine how much internet you need. For example, if you get a 1GB package and it is finished in 18 days, you need about 2GB of internet. If you have spent 400mb at the end of the month, a 500mb package can also help you.

Once you have identified your need, select the package that provides the features you need from the remaining operators after handling the operators that can not connect or provide the slower connection than the first you need. If the budget you allocate is insufficient, you need to increase your budget a little bit or use an operator that you can handle because it is slow. If the budget you are allocating is growing, you can choose a faster operator or you can increase the features of your package and use it a little more freely.