After about 1 month of beta testing, Whatsapp with version v2.12.250 got updated with 5 new features in Android version 5.

1. Mark as Unread

With this feature, you can mark messages as unread after you read them, but if you mark them as unread, the person who sends the message will get a blue tick. So it’s just that your message is used to make Whatsapp look thicker at your next login.

Special Notices

With this feature, you can customize notification settings such as private message and call voice, vibrate on / off, popup notifications and so on.

Receiving Contacts

In previous versions of Whatsapp, you could only receive groups, but you did not get notifications from messages written in groups on that channel. With this released version, you will be able to get an interview for 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year.

Spend Less Data on Whatsapp Calls

With this version released, you will see less data usage setting at the bottom of search settings. When you turn on this setting, the application will spend less data during voice calls. Opening this setting is not yet known to decrease the quality of the connection, but it will be more useful to open it only when using mobile data.

New Emojies and Different Shades

With this release, emojis such as the middle finger, LGBT have been added between the emojis and different tones for some emojis have become selectable.