Instagram’s sketchy and preview-inspired material-designed Android application was leaked.
Transition to Instagram’s New Design

One of the world’s most user-own photo-sharing site and Facebook ‘s body, increases the popularity with the passing of Instagram technology recently, developments of new designs to the transition work and had been sharing issues of social media sites.
How will it be a design?
With the new design, Instagram will be based on a simple structure and will be the indispensable material for modern applications. In addition to the new icons, it is planned to make a beautiful design with soft lines and change of texts.
How and where is it leaked?
The Instagram team, which completed the new design as a draft, distributed the BETA version to selected users to try out the design and detect errors. The APK file leaked by an Android user who was involved in the beta testing process was shared on the world famous XDA-Developers forum. The shared APK file was available for download for up to three days, but later removed the download link, which was the subject of the leaking application. Nevertheless, some users transmit the leaked file to each other via private message.