Virtual reality technology, which is described as the technology of the future and many major technology giants are now competing on this field, is raising the competition between the giants of the mobile phone giants. Finally, Huawei has developed a virtual reality eyewear especially for the new model P9. When we looked at mobile devices, Samsung first stepped into this sector, and Huawei took the industry too long without delay. Introducing the new flagship Huawei P9 in the past days, this model is being prepared for a virtual reality look similar to Samsung Gear V, which the original Samsung developed.

Huawei VR will be the same Samsung Gear V, but the company is aiming to bring this device to the Chinese market, not the whole European and World market.

As you know, Samsung officials have made an agreement with Facebook about VR. The targeted market in Europe has been the smartphone giant that has made an indirect deal with Oculus, the brand that Facebook supports virtual reality. For this reason, the Huawei company first set its target as China. Virtual reality is most affecting games and videos. When we take these into account, Huawei VR will have around 4,000 videos and nearly 40 games. There is no information on the price of the device to be released to the market at the moment, but it is said that it will have similar prices with the models in the market. The Huawei VR technology will be compatible with the giant’s P9 and Mate 8 models.