7 AMAZING Shoe Inventions To Run FASTER

Everyone can’t be Usain Bolt, but with these inventions, you can definitely run faster than you ever have before. From shoes that are made for fun workouts to shoes that mold themselves to your feet and even some up-and-coming jetpack technology that gives you a speed-boost when you run there are lots of things that would help make your morning jogs a little easier. Here are 7 AMAZING Shoe Inventions That Will Help You Run Faster.

7 AMAZING Shoe Inventions To Run FASTER [Links]

7. Skyrunner Jumping Stilts – https://amzn.to/3uaMoFk
6. ENKO G4 – http://bit.ly/3jB6xzN
5. Kangoo Jump Shoes – https://amzn.to/3quqvyC
4. Soft Exosuit – http://bit.ly/3p6TsiG
3. HyperAdapt 2.0 – https://amzn.to/3s63ORU
2. 4MM Jetpack – http://bit.ly/3rE2eWX
1. Adidas Springblade Solyce – https://amzn.to/2M9fCDC

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Jump in bounce boots or Kangoo jumps

There is nothing more fun than jumping in spring boots . Surely you are wondering where to buy some Kangoo jumps, but before that you must know how to jump in them, what benefits it has and what care you should take. Here we explain everything you need to know before buying bounce boots . It’s time to start having fun, what are you waiting for?

What are Kangoo jumps

The “Kangoo jumps” or bounce boots , are a type of footwear designed with springs in the lower part that have the objective of absorbing the blows of the steps or jumps of a traditional training.

These shoes are ideal to be used in all types of training and for all types of ages and physical conditions . This device is the product of 20 years of studies and continuous product development, to make these boots safe, easy to use and incredibly fun.

What are bouncing boots for?

The boots rebound have different applications. One of the most important is to give people with leg joint injuries the possibility to run normally without affecting their health .

In addition, it is an excellent device for losing weight and burning fat . You can use it both inside and outside the home, so you have no excuse not to exercise.

Benefits of jumping with bounce boots

Bouncing boot jumping is an activity that works multiple muscle groups. When performing the jumps and cartwheels, the lower body is mainly activated and in a secondary way the muscles of the upper body of the body. This helps improve muscle tone and bone density .

It also reduces 80% of the impact on joints , this reduces the risk of over training the body.

As if that were not enough, these boots help to improve the posture of the back and control the balance of your body in a better way. It helps us with balance and increases our energy . And finally, you do it in a fun way.

Jumping stilt exercises

There are countless aerobic exercise routines that you can do indoors or in a gym. These exercises consist of small jumps and steps that repeatedly help to burn many calories.

In addition, you can go for a run in the park with your boots on. You will run faster, without pain in your knees and ankles, in a more fluid and safe way.

Even the most experienced athletes are capable of doing somersaults, tricks and pirouettes with these boots. It is advisable to practice this activity with all the necessary protective equipment. Do not forget to bring your helmet and suitable clothing to do it.

Kangaroo jumping shoes for weight loss

Exercising in kangaroo jumping shoes is proven to burn about 1,200 calories in 45 minutes of consistent exercise. This is more than just going for a run at the same time. This is why in many fitness programs the Kangoo jumps have been implemented as a fundamental element to see faster results.

Something that stands out about this pair of shoes is that it helps to eliminate cellulite from the legs and buttocks since they are the areas that are most worked with with this device.

It is estimated that, in just one month of exercise with the boots, you will see incredible results that would not be seen just with running or jumping rope. What are you waiting for to start changing your body and improving your health. Get started right now!

Running with jumping stilts

Surely you have seen people running with the Kangoo jumps on bouncing with every step. This modality is known as Kangoo running. It is the same as running in a traditional way, the only difference is that you are wearing your bounce boots.

This can be done by people from 6 years old (wearing children’s boots, clearly) to older adults. There is no age limit, in fact, anyone can do it except pregnant women and people with health problems that are contraindicated by a doctor.

You’ve probably seen them in action: joggers who go to the jumps in strange boots that bounce with every step. They are the kangoo jumps and the running modality is called kangoo running.

Running in kangaroo jumping shoes prevents injuries that are very common among runners, as well as improves posture while running.

How high can you jump with kangaroo jumping boots

There is currently no record of the highest jump on record using rebound stilts. However, according to videos found on the internet, you can see people capable of reaching heights of approximately 120 centimeters .

Time to buy some kangaroo jumping boots and try to break this mark. You could be in the Guiness Records book.

Who invented the Kangoo jumps

In the 20th century the first prototype of spring boots was created in Eastern Europe. The purpose of this invention was to create a recreational product for athletes who were recovering from leg injuries.

This concept was redesigned in the 90s by the Swiss entrepreneur Denis Naville, who focused on improving the design, performance and comfort of this product. Later, a fitness program was created focused on the use of these boots as the main part of the program.

The first model, called KJ-1, was presented at the Paris sports fair in 1994. Since then the product has undergone multiple improvements and has become a sports and recreational device for both adults and children.

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