9 COOLEST Remote Controlled TOYS You Can Buy

Toys are always better when they either float to swim. If you can control it with remote control, then it means you can fly it several feet above in the sky like a good ol’ drone! And then there are cool floaties shaped like sharks that can also float mid-air while catching everyone’s eye. But a simple crocodile head is the toy you want just to scare your friends!

Here are 9 COOLEST Remote Controlled TOYS You Can Buy!

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9. Dragon Dinosaur – https://geni.us/X9bWPl
8. Botley 2.0 – https://geni.us/Y2ABr
7. Laser battle hunters – https://geni.us/tLUH0W
6. Launch and defend Batmobile – https://geni.us/i0jo
5. Hubsan X4 – https://geni.us/uWBPsOc
4. Shark Truck – https://geni.us/EtJS4MQ
3. Aviator Helicopter – https://geni.us/0CY3czA
2. Crocodile robot – https://geni.us/5fCvZ
1. Air Swimmer Shark – https://geni.us/pAVhq

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