9 Inventions That Will Make You Superhuman

Fantasizing about possessing superpowers isn’t unheard of, and if we’re all being entirely honest, we’d love to be gifted with some of the superhuman capabilities only seen in science fiction! Well, you’re not delusional because, as it turns out, science and technology have gone far enough to materialize some of the most advanced concepts that seemed impossible a few decades ago.
Having the ability to fly or run at a speed similar to that of an ostrich sounds pretty bizarre at first, but these inventions are genuinely one of a kind.

Let’s check them out!

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9. Raytheon Exoskeleton – https://bit.ly/2Savqc6
8. Gravity Jet Suit – https://bit.ly/35CUKL6
7. Mind Control – https://bit.ly/3cTsJmr
6. Bionic Boots – https://geni.us/G9ERke
5. The Eyeborg Project – https://bit.ly/2SKpTJC
4. Myo Armband – https://geni.us/7bU5
3. Deluxe Spinal Armor – https://amzn.to/3iSNUsL
2. Kuratas – https://bit.ly/3vM43Da
1. Cyberware – https://bit.ly/35GkqGo

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